Open Embedded
Software Foundation

General Incorporated Association Open Embedded Software Foundation (abbreviated as “OESF”) is organized by corporations involved in developing and constructing etc the embedded system based on Android, an open source project of the Open Handset Alliance. OESF was organized aiming to develop market and to expand the business of each member through sharing technical information among the corporation members, joint development of systems of its base, educating engineers, and joint marketing etc to the embedded system market.

We shall contribute to the development of the market by quickly realizing issues which are not able to be solved by one (1) company as a matter of time and scale. These issues will be realized by the collaborative work of the members (corporations) through the Association, the working group(s) organized within the Association complying to the purpose, and projects.

Varied models of Smartphone and cellular phone units using Android are planned to be released in the near future in not only Japan, but all over the world. In addition, the scale of the market will steadily grow hereafter.

OESF, on the basis of the rapid growth of the tremendous market, will be leading the world in the embedded technology, an expertise of Japan, exploitation of a new market, and activation of the embedded market, by using and disseminating open source, the unlimited and powerful software, in the general embedded system industries.

As above, usage and dissemination of Android in instruments other than cellular phone is the first time ever. Many corporations such as embedded system venders and semiconductor venders participate and have been pursing approach such as development of specific Android installed products, organizing training courses for skill acquisition of engineers, and marketing.

These activities are not only conducted in Japan, but will be expanding to the world, beginning by the East Asian Economic Grouping (Taiwan, Korea, and China).

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